My story: climate change concern with China

Picture took in Tianan Men Square, Beijing, where the smog was so thick.

I grew up in Beijing, China, in which the city is famous for air pollution and hazy weather. When I was a kid, we could enjoy the beautiful blue sky whenever we wanted. But as the economic and the level of industrialization kept growing, the air quality went done whereas the climate of the entire globe also changed drastically during the past 10 years. When we began to pay attention to PM2.5 and had to wear masks in hazy weather for our health, the climate change has already altered our lives. China, as the largest developing country with the fastest growing pace, contributes a lot to the globe’s climate change. I chose environmental science major because of this sense of commitment and this website will provide you a perspective from a Chinese student about climate change issues in China and in the globe.

Climate change and the World

Many big countries are taking actions, and I’m interested in how those actions would really make a difference, especially China’s actions…

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Want to  know more than just global temperature rising about climate change? Having trouble understand common academic terms of climate change? Interested in China’s efforts and difficulties when addressing climate change issues? Here is the place!

You can learn interesting facts about climate change and brief interpretations about some scientific definitions and climate change issues in Blog. I will use plain language together with personal thoughts and experience to explain, so don’t be afraid if you are a lay person but want to know more!

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In Media and other resources, you can refer to video clips and other kind of resources that I found useful to have a better understanding about a climate issue. You can also broaden your horizons and see what various kinds of issues climate change involves.

Note:this site is the archive of the work as part of ENVS326/ENG380 at Emory University during Fall 2017 Semester.